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upgade from 2.4 questions

I have a customer who has 5 unity systems currently installed and networked. They would like to upgrade to 3.0. I have a few questions<br><br>1) is it true that in the 3.0 world. If the main Exchange server where all of the users are goes down, then the Unity server will still be able to process messages AND the user's will be able to retrieve them via the phone.?<br><br>2) What is the process to get a 2.4 system upgrade to 3.0. Any lost messages,greetings, mailboxes, etc? <br><br>3) Will 3.0 support a exchange 5.5 enterprise?<br><br>4) Is there any other documentation that will answer any further questions I may have regarding the upgrade?<br>Thanks in advance<br><br>


Re: upgade from 2.4 questions

Find most of your answers in online documentation:

1. Unity 3.0 has a feature that allows subscribers to access voicemail when the home Exchange server goes down. In the online docs this is usually referred to as the Pre-MTA Queue.

2. Consult the documented upgrade procedure in the installation guide. Just about everything can be exported and re-imported.

3. Yes, Unity 3.0 features robust Exchange Server support. Check the docs for details.

4. That link above should answer most of your questions... if not post a follow-up and we'll be happy to provide or point you to the answer.

Scott Morgan
Cisco Systems TAC

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