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Upgrade CCM 3.1(4b) to 3.3(2)

I'm working towards getting our CCM servers up to the latest rev. Along the way I also want to upgrade our publisher from a 7825 to a 7835.

Obviously swapping hard drives is not an option. So is the best course of action the following:

1. Upgrade the publisher to 3.3(2)

2. Run stibackup

3. Copy the backup to another server

4. Shutdown the 7825

5. Build the 7835 with 3.3(2)

6. Recover using the 7825's backup

If the process fails, I would still have the 7825 available, but I understand

that upgrading it to 3.3(2) might be a challenge in itself.

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Re: Upgrade CCM 3.1(4b) to 3.3(2)


The 3.3(2) install is not really an upgrade but the whole install. Do an STI backup of your current server, install 3.3(2) -get spB as well on the new server and restore the stidata to the new 3.3(2)spB server and it will be ready to go.

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Re: Upgrade CCM 3.1(4b) to 3.3(2)


Is there a reason you said put spB on before you do the restore. I've been trying to do a restore with spA and been getting no where?

Is there a list of caveats / issues seen with 3.3(2) upgrades - my experience, and what i've heard, is that it's been a wealth of problems - unfortunately, we all seem to be hitting the same problems again and again?

Thanks for your help

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Re: Upgrade CCM 3.1(4b) to 3.3(2)

What version are you upgrading from? I had to upgrade from 3.13a to 3.14b and then do the 3.32 install. I had no issues with recovering from the backup from 3.14b to 3.32

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