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Upgrade CCM 3.3.(3) to 4.1.(3)SR1


I have a customer that wants to upgrade it's CCM from 3.3(3)SR3 to 4.1(3)SR1, but pretends to go back to 3.3(3)SR3 if something goes wrong.

Regarding the CCM workstation themselves, we are thinking on duplicating the disks.

The problem is that for IP Phones, which will be running the new loads for 4.1(3), we are not sure how to go back to 3.3(3).

Thank you very much for any help, and Happy New Year!!


Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrade CCM 3.3.(3) to 4.1.(3)SR1

Antonio, If your load on the phone when it registers to 3.3.3 is P003005xxx (notice the 5), then you are already on a signed load and you can go back and forth in signed loads.

If you see that your load is P003003xxx then, you are on an unsigned load. That is when you should be concerned. It will let you go up, but once you go upto a signed load, you will not be able to get back..

It is also worth noting that there are a lot of loads compatible with both 3.3.3 and 4.1.

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Re: Upgrade CCM 3.3.(3) to 4.1.(3)SR1


The software being used by the terminals are:

ATA 186 : ata18x-v2-16-1-ms-030814a.zup

7940 and 7960: P00305000300

7905: CP7905010200SCCP031023A.zup

So for 7940 and 7960 terminals I should expect no issues, right?.

What about ATA's and 7905?

There are also other parts involved like:

1 Gateway Cisco 6509 with WS-X6608 board:

Firmware :

Digital Access :D00404000006

Conference Bridge : C00103010014

Media Termination Point Hardware : M00103010016

Where can I find documentation regarding these compatibility, as well as the loads compatibles with both 3.3.3 and 4.1?

Just another question. In this case, where the loads are compatible between the two versions, will the IP Phones be upgrade/downgraded in conjunction with CCM?

Thanks for your help, and pls have a nice 2006!!


Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrade CCM 3.3.(3) to 4.1.(3)SR1

in general, signed loads are only for phones. The 6608s and ATA should not have such issues. Compatibility matrix can be found at:

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Re: Upgrade CCM 3.3.(3) to 4.1.(3)SR1


Your CCM 3.3(3)SR3 is just one step down from the latest SR available for 3.3(3) train. Have they installed any "DevicePacks"? What versions of a firmware do they have?

We upgraded our CCM environment this fall from the 3.3(3) to the 4.1(3), and then installed the SR1 pack. When I simulated this upgrade in the lab, I upgraded whole cluster, and then downgraded it back to 3.3(3) - phones were OK with both operations. So, it shouldn't be a problem. Another thing you may consider - save old firmware files for possible re-use.

Good luck,


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