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upgrade error from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2spG

Everything seems to work fine after upgrading, except when the Call Manager server starts (the MCS hardware, not ccm service), I get a message saying that a service didn't start. I check the logs and find the NTP service isn't starting. I'm not too concerned about that; another service isn't starting:

Access denied attempting to launch a DCOM Server. The server is:


The user is Administrator/CALLMANAGER, SID=S-1-5-21-234972251-774775959-810034457-500.

about 1/2 second after that I get this:

The value named IrpStackSize in the server's Registry key LanmanServer\Parameters was invalid. The value was ignored, and processing continued.

and this:

Error: kCtiProviderOpenFailure - CTI application failed to open provider

CTIconnectionId: 118

Login User Id: ac

ReasonCode: 2362179680


App ID: Cisco CTIManager

Cluster ID: CALLMANAGER-Cluster

Node ID:

Explanation: Application is unable to open provider.

Recommended Action: Check the reason code and correct the problem. Restart CTIManager if problem persists..

I'm not sure if the reason code is listed on Cisco's website.. I couldn't find it. Any ideas??

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Re: upgrade error from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2spG

I plugged in the error message and the source code into Cisco's search and came up with a possible LDAP Connection Leak in CTI when User Authentication Fails. You might want to contact the TAC and see if there is an issue with the version of code you are running.

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