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Upgrade Problems

We just upgraded to Unity 2.4 build and after the upgrade people started complaining of being unable to login to there mailbox through the phone system. When you call their extension you hear their message and can leave a message which in turns goes to their email box. When you go into Unity and try to find the mailbox though it cannot be found. When I go to try and reimport the user from exchange they do not show up in the list of mailbox's that can be imported.<br><br>

New Member

Re: Upgrade Problems

What version of Unity did you upgrade from?
Check the application event logs to see if there are any errors in there?
If you are able to call in and leave messages for the subscribers, then they are already listed in Unity as such. That is why you will not see them when you try to import them once again.
Are the MWI's lighting up for these folks?
Is any subscriber able to login into their mailbox from the TUI?

Anil Verma
Cisco Systems

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