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Upgrade to 2.4.5

I have installed 2.4 with text to speech option license and it was working fine. I recently upgraded to 2.4.5 and now text to speech is not working. I got a new adapter for 2.4.5 with 4 text to speech license everything is working except being able to listen to my email. I checked the Class of Service and everything is fine. By the way I am running CM 3.06 and TSP. Anybody got a clue?? <br><br>


Re: Upgrade to 2.4.5

Did you happen to change from TTS3000 to RealSpeak in the upgrade process? You can check this by running Key Dump from the Unity program group and seeing which TTS engine is licensed. There’s a known bug (fixed in a later version of 2.4.5) where the registry keys for the speaker’s name are not properly changed during an upgrade when the engine changes in the process.

To check this, open your favorite registry editor and go to “HKLM\Software\Active Voice\TTS\1.0\Initalization\Default Speakers\” and check the registry key for ENU (I’m assuming US English here). If the speaker name is “Michael”, that’s the default voice for TTS3000. If you’re using RealSpeak, change this to “FEMALE” and restart, TTS should start working.

If you’re using TTS3000 and the speaker name is correct, we need to look elsewhere. I’m assuming it presents the email to you but doesn’t play the subject or the body, it just jumps to the end. If it’s not presenting your email to you at all, it’s a COS issue most likely. If you are being presented with email in the message conversation, there should be some errors in the application event log when it goes to play the subject/body and fails. This will give us clues as to the source of the problem.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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