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Upgrade to 3.0.4 - Subscribers not reachable

After upgrading from Unity; TSP 6.0.1; CM 3.1.3 SPD, Exchange 5.5 SP4 (Unity UM in Exchange Site) to:<br><br>Unity 3.0.4 (patched 3.0.2 CD's and installed from HD), TSP 6.0.1, Exchange 2K SP2, (Exchange is now not installed on Unity Server).<br><br>Steps to upgrade:<br><br>Ran dbwalker on 2.4.6 - cleaned up errors and warnings.<br>Uninstalled Unity. Verified Unity object was removed from Exchange.<br>Installed Exchange 2K on new Server, upgraded to Exch SP1, used Migration Wizard to move accounts to new server (new Organization, etc.).<br>Rebuilt Unity server from scratch (Win2K, etc.). Installed SQL SP1 + Hotfix.<br>Installed Unity 3.0.4 from patched directory on HD. Imported Unity DB from latest version of FullDBImport utility.<br><br>When I run dbwalker now I get Handler message recipient alias=(error) Invalid Handler Recipient<br><br>Handler is an orphan of a mail user removed from the system... it should be removed.<br><br>on users who are not found in the system. However, they are listed as a subscriber. Is there any way I can "reconnect" the subscriber? This is only happening for some users, not all. I would like to be able to fix the problem without deleting/readding each subscriber as I have customer to upgrade for whom this would not be a viable solution.<br><br>Thanks a ton in advance!<br><br>


Re: Upgrade to 3.0.4 - Subscribers not reachable

Presumably there was an export and then an import in those steps there...

can you send me the import log created when you imported that data into your 3.0(4) system?

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