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Upgrade to 3.0

One of our customers is interested in upgrading their Unity 2.46 system to 3.0. The original system was installed as a Domain Controller and they would like to convert it to a member server. They understand the requirement to rebuild the entire system. They currently have an active SmartNet contract. My questions are:<br>1. With an active Smartnet contract, is the upgrade free?<br>2. How do I obtain the ubgrade software and Key?<br>3. Do I have to install 2.46 then upgrade to 3.0, or can I just install 3.0?<br><br>Thanks in advance,<br><br>Steve Radogna


Re: Upgrade to 3.0

I can't speak to the money issues just being a lowly engineering type, but I can answer your last question about the migration process.

You export the data from your existing 2.4.6 system using the Export tool that comes on the 3.0 CD (whichs looks suspiciously like the export tool fans of the forum have been using off AnswerMonkey for some time).

You then uninstall 2.4.6 using the Uninstall tool that ships on the CD (which, shockingly enough, looks just like the uninstall tool off AnswerMonkey... hmmmm...). You want to uninstall and not just yank the box so we remove the custom properties from standing mailusers. If you don't do that there can be problems.

Then you install a brand, spanking new copy of 3.0 as a fresh install. When it's up and running, you do an import using the data exported in step 1.

Pretty straight forward, but you want to make sure you're careful and follow all the steps documented.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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