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Upgrade VM to UM

I have a customer with a 12 port Unity 2.4.6 VM, Key S/N is 101708, that wants to upgrade to the latest version of Unity UM with an existing Exchange 5.5 server. What are the recommended steps to upgrade to this configuration? A caveat to this is they purchased this when it was an Active Voice product so they are licensed right now for unlimited users. With a Cisco upgrade for a 12 port system the user on the new license will not be unlimited. Does Cisco compensate for that or do I have to purchase new licensing for any users over the 200 that Cisco says they are licensed for? The important part of this is probably how I can take them from their current version of 2.4.6 VM to 4.0.X UM?

Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrade VM to UM

Yes, you will have to get user packs added on if you want to go above the number of users that comes with a 12 port license - I don't know if there's some sort of compensation for this or not, that's a question for your account team.

As for upgrading from 2.4.6 to 4.x - here's the link to the 4.0(2) install guide:

there's a chapter in there specifically covering the upgrade process from 2.x that talks about using FullDBExport/Import to cart your data over.

The VM to UM issue really doesn't matter to the migration itself - however if you're changing directories/domains or whatever if the mail aliases of the subscribers on the 2.4.6 system don't match the mail aliases of the mail users in your new target system you'll end up getting new users created on the fly - the help covers this somewhat. If the mail aliases match (or, in fact, you're just on the same directory) then everything should be fine.

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Re: Upgrade VM to UM

Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the quick response. I am still unclear about a couple of things. Does the upgrade to 4.0.2 automatically let me change from VM to UM? It seems to me the software is the software. How does Unity know whether it is a VM or UM? And is there any way to not lose messages from the old 2.4.6 system. What tool have you devised to meld the voice mail messages from the old to the Exchange box that we are now Unified with? Would XMERGE work?

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