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Upgrading CallManager on the ICS-7750 ?

I recently attempted to upgrade the ICS-7750 System Manager from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4. I'm experiencing many problems with services not starting and asp's not functioning (after what was indicated to be a successful install). Has anyone encountered the same problems?

-What version of CallManager is included with the SystemManager 1.0.4 bundle?

-Is it possible to install CallManager separately onto the ICS-7750 SPE without performing a SystemManager upgrade?

-Will the ICS-7750 support CallManager 3.0(6)?

New Member

Re: Upgrading CallManager on the ICS-7750 ?

You might want to give Cisco a call on this one. I didn't have any troubles on an upgrade I did just like this one.

Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrading CallManager on the ICS-7750 ?

I have done that upgrade before without any problems. There is an Install.log (or some fairly obvious .log filename like that) created when you run the install. If you could open a case up and send that to us, it should tell us what's going on.

Something had to have gone wrong with the install.

1) 1.0.4 ships with 3.0.4 Callmanager version

2) No (not for a while at least)

3) Yes, but not until at least 1.0.5 bundle.

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