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upgrading CCM 3.3(3) to CCM 4.1(2) with CCME 3.3

Currently have CCM 3.3(3)4a (2000.2.5sr7), Unity 4.0.2 (TSP 7.0.4b), CCME 3.3

Callmanager is only one being upgraded at this moment. CCME have H.323 intercluster trunks to CCM.

1. CCME matrix/specs show only CCM 3.3(3) and 4.1(3) as supported - is there a problem with going to 4.1(2)sr1 ?

2. was going to upgrade the OS to 2000.2.7 then add sr8 before upgrading, as needs to be at least 2000.2.6sr4 and why do it twice. Any reason not to do this?

3. slightly off topic - trying to make a change to exisiting second DN's (7960 - 2line) about 400 sets. also have fast dials & address book. Was looking to create new BAT file - phone & users, then remove phones & users and invoke BAT file with new changes. Need to keep Fast dials, does this comes back when subscribing within BAT process?

your thought are appreciated


Re: upgrading CCM 3.3(3) to CCM 4.1(2) with CCME 3.3

You cannot upgrade directly from 3.3(3) to 4.1(2). I had the same question a few months back, and TAC confirmed this.

Why not go to 4.1(3)sr1? It is the current version, and is very solid. We upgraded directly from 3.3.(3)sr4a to 4.1(3)sr1 with no problems. We have a couple CCME sites over intercluster trunks as well. With 4.1(3) you definitely use 2000.2.7 with the latest SR.

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Re: upgrading CCM 3.3(3) to CCM 4.1(2) with CCME 3.3

my understanding is you can upgrade to 4.1(2) with the CD's (upgrade kit), but you can't upgrade with the version for download, this is only for 4.0 to 4.1 upgrade.

Did you install 2000.2.7 (upgrade version) then sr?

to your 3.3(3)4a Call Manager before upgrading to 4.1(3)?

Why 4.1(3)sr1 over 4.1(2)sr1

can always upgrade later? upgrading from 4.1(2) to 4.1(3) is doable from the download version off Cisco's website.

any thoughts on the other question?



Re: upgrading CCM 3.3(3) to CCM 4.1(2) with CCME 3.3

I originally ordered the 4.1(2) CDs, then noticed that the matrix indicated you couldn't directly upgrade. That's when I opened a TAC case, and was told I could either do the 2 step upgrade, or order the 4.1(3)CDs.

I ordered the 4.1(3)CDs, which they ship quickly.

I did the upgrade in 2 maintenance windows. The 1st night I did the OS upgrade to 2000.2.7 and SR on the cluster(4 servers). A week later I did the CCM upgrade. This worked well as each upgrade took me about 4 hours, though I have a TAPI call center system that did consume quite a bit of time on the CCM upgrade due to a problem with loading the new TSP.

What are you trying to change on the 2nd DNs? The BAT Update Phone or Update Line utility works great for most changes.

New Member

Re: upgrading CCM 3.3(3) to CCM 4.1(2) with CCME 3.3


do you have any Cisco documentation on this, as I am sure I did this in our lab some time ago, but it could of been 3.3(4) or 3.3(5) that I upgrade directly to 4.1(2)

the change of the second DN is to free up DN's. When the initial install went in, they used other 4 digit DN for the second line instead of just adding a 5th digit to Line 1's DN (2250 - 12250 for example). so now they need to free them up.

Bat work great for group changes, like changing a Parition or CSS for a group, but a DN is unique to each phone, therefore, BAT is useless for this. Unless we build new BAT excel spreadsheet, delete the old phones/users and insert new phone/users via BAT.

hope this makes sense.


Re: upgrading CCM 3.3(3) to CCM 4.1(2) with CCME 3.3

No good ideas. I did try searching by DN, and deleting, but it does delete the phone, not just the line.

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Re: upgrading CCM 3.3(3) to CCM 4.1(2) with CCME 3.3

here is a snipet from 4.1(2) release notes

Installation and Upgrade

Installation and upgrade enhancements include the following:

•The enhanced Cisco CallManager upgrade process records the status of all running services and resets the services to an appropriate state for an upgrade to occur; the system automatically reboots and restarts the upgrade, as necessary.

•This enhancement applies to upgrades from Cisco CallManager release 3.3(x) and 4.0(x) to Cisco CallManager release 4.1(2).

•You must apply SQL 2000 SP3a before the upgrade from Cisco CallManager release 3.3(x).

•The upgrade process requires Cisco IP Telephony operating system (OS) version 2000.2.3 with OS upgrade 2000.2.6 or a fresh installation of OS version 2000.2.6 and the latest service release 2000.2-6-sr3 (or later).

still waiting to here from Cisco to confirm it can or it can't.