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upgrading from and active directory question

We are running 3.2.2c Call Managers with Unity We are going

to migrate our NOC to all Windows 2000 servers with Active Directory. I

told them that I should upgrade unity during this time also.

1) Which should we do first Unity or Move to Active Directory. ( I know

that if I lose the PDC I cant manage Unity remotely anymore.)

2) Which Unity verison is the most stable at this time ??????

3) Will I be able to migrate all the voice recording and/or messages????

4) What can I anticiapate when I migrate???

Thanks in advanced for your help.

Cisco Employee

Re: upgrading from and active directory question

1. I'd get to AD first, then do a new install of 4.0(2) then import your data you backed up from 2.4.6. The upgrade from 2.x to 3.x/4.x is an export/import process. You can check out the details of the 2.x migration process in the 4.x install guide here:

2. I'd roll with 4.0(2).

3. Check out the install guide link above for a rundown on what's backed up and restored in the migration process - short story - voice names and greetings are carted over, messages from Exchange are up to you (you can use EXMerge from Microsoft for these).

4. Not sure what to tell you here... review the migration steps in the guide above and let us know if you have any questions.

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