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Upgrading from 3.1(3) to 3.1(5)

We presently have an (at LONG last) functional 3.1(3) box. We are looking to upgrade it to 3.1(5). I have read the 3.1(5) release notes. But I just wanted to confirm with the experts: Is there a compelling reason to upgrade? Will Unity function just fine (we're used to the level of functionality enjoyed at 2.46) without the upgrade? Most importantly, will we be able to smoothly export users from 2.46 and into 3.1(3)? Or will the import run smoother on a 3.1(5) system?

Also, are there any pitfalls you know of in the upgrade process? Or is it as simple as patching the CDs and reinstalling Unity?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Upgrading from 3.1(3) to 3.1(5)

Unity 3.1(5) is a very stable release. Significant improvements were made between 3.1(4) and 3.1(5) to increase stability on high port count (48+) system. If you have a system that is running fine now without issue you might not need to upgrade. To help determine if an update is right for your environment check the release notes for resolved defects:

Migrating your 2.4.6 users is going to be the same in 3.1(3) and 3.1(5).


Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrading from 3.1(3) to 3.1(5)

one note on Keith's comments there... there WERE a couple fixes to the SQL syncher in 3.1(5) - this is used by the import utility when binding/creating new accounts on the 2.x import data (it's also used by DiRT and other tools as well).

Nothing show-stopper here but if it were me, I'd probably upgrade to 3.1(5) before doing the import.

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