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Upgrading from Unity 2.2

I Currently have Unity 2.2 configured as a POVS. Is there an uninstall tool for this particular version so that I can Uninstall this and upgrade to a higher version.

Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrading from Unity 2.2

Ugh... no, the first version the 2.x uninstall works with is 2.3.4 build 104 - I didn't think there were any 2.2 systems out there still.

If it's a Voice mail only install the easiest thing to do is install from scratch on a clean system - if you reall, really want to clean the box and install a later version on it you'll have to remove stuff by hand. I have an old post from a while back I can go dig up if you need these steps. I'd _highly_ reccomend starting from scratch to avoid problems however.

Community Member

Re: Upgrading from Unity 2.2

Thank you. I think that I will rebuild the box from start and install the new version of unity.

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