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Upgrading my CCM that runs Win 2000.2.1


I want to upgrade the Win OS of my CCM 3.1.3a that runs Win 2000.2.1 in order to fix the MS Blast virus.

Is it possible to use the directly the Os upgrade to 2000.2.4?

In fact when I use it, then it is impossible to access the admin page of the CCM....everything seems to be correctly installed...

Do I have to upgradde to an intermediate version of Win OS? Where can I find it?

What about the SQL version? I am using SQL7, version 7.00.839 Which upgrade can I use to upgrade?

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Re: Upgrading my CCM that runs Win 2000.2.1

Yes, you can upgrade to 2000-2-4 directly, but 2000-2-5 is out as well.

For SQL, you will want to apply SQL7-ServicePack4.1-0-2.exe and SQL7-MS03-031.exe

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Re: Upgrading my CCM that runs Win 2000.2.1

I upgrade to 2000.2.4 but I can not access the admin page anymore... Is there a reason?

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Re: Upgrading my CCM that runs Win 2000.2.1


Whilst you may be correct in some circumstances there are problems I have encountered. Please check out my latest conversation titled '200.2.5 Win OS upgrade'

I went from CCM 3.0(1) to 3.2(3) over 3 yrs and when I apply 2000.2.4 or 2000.2.5 then I encountered a problem viewing admin or user pages. Yet CCM was working without issues, just that I couldn't view ccmadmin/ccmuser.

I will be interested in what the IWAM and IUSR accounts you see on your Call Managers are...Mine are IWAM_Guest and IUSR_Guest and during the upgrade the accounts being used are changed to IWAM_Spirian and IUSR_Spirian. This means that when the IIS web pages are viewed, Call Manager has the incorrect account info and hence the message 'HTTP 500 Internal Server Error'

LEt me know if you would like more info.


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