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Upgrading to 3.x and losing messages?

According to the document "Ordering Cisco Unity Upgrades" section 1.3 "Overview of version upgrade impact on data", it says that you lose messages.

I don't understand. My 2.46 box runs Exchange 5.5, but none of my users mailboxes are homed to that server, they're all homed to mailbox servers. If Unity voicemails are stored as .wav file attachments to emails, and the emails are stored in the IS on the mailbox servers, then how is upgrading to 3.x going to lose them? Is it actually going to go in and delete the emails?

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrading to 3.x and losing messages?

No, that's not what that means (it occurs to me that the wording on that is less than ideal). It means that the FullDBImport/Export tool that is pulling Unity subscriber data out of the olde model and will import that info back into the new 3.x model will not include messages.

If you're attaching to the same Exchange mailboxes during the import on 3.x all your messages will be there and will work fine.

the short story is if you're upgrading a 2.x stand alone system to a 3.x stand alone system, it's up to you to get your messages out of Exchange on your own, the import/export tools wont do it for you.

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