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Uploading IDP on CM 5

Has anyone had any issues uploading IDP 50 dial plans on CM 5?

I have found the IDP50 dial plan web page, but this only allows you to download a .cop file but the OS Admin pages says that it is looking for a .sgn file.

I have tried different scenerio's but get the following message -

The directory was located and searched but no valid options or upgrades were available. Note, a machine cannot be downgraded so option and upgrade files for previous releases were ignored.

Any help would be much appreaciated.


Re: Uploading IDP on CM 5

Try this Procedure

1. From the Cisco IPT Platform Administration window, choose Upgrade >

Options Installer > Install From Remote Source.

2. The Check Other Sessions window displays a warning if another install

or upgrade process is in process.

3. Click Continue to continue with the installation.

The Install Options From Remote Source window opens.

4. Enter the address of the server where the IDP COP file is located, in

the Remote Software Server field.

5. Enter the user name and password in the Remote User and Remote User

Password fields.

6. Enter the full path where the IDP COP file is located on the server

in the Options Software Directory field.

7. Choose the appropriate protocol from the Download Protocol drop-down

list box.

8. Click Submit.

The Install Option Select window displays.

9. Choose the COP file you want to install from the Available Options

drop-down list box.

Note : The IDP COP file will be of format

dp-ffr.[1-9]-[0-9]-[0-9]+.*.cop. Example: dp-ffr.1-1-1.IDP.cop.

10. Click Submit.

The Install Options File Loading window displays indicating that the

installation process is in progress.

11. Click Cancel if you want to cancel installation. If not, the Install

Option Confirm window displays after the file loading is complete.

12. Click Confirm to continue with the installation or click Cancel.

If the installation is successful, the Install Option Complete

window displays.

13. Click OK.

The IDP COP installation is complete

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