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UPS for telephony

Is there a document I can find which tells me how to messure the UPS capacity for IP telephony? Say, currently customer has UPS already for the switches and routers and servers, how do I know whether I need more UPS when adding more servers or inline power switches? Thanks


Re: UPS for telephony

there is no single document that tells you what a 'telephony' environment will need for power. to be precise, you will have to add up all the current power and required power and do a little addition/subtraction.

if you cannot add up all the devices in place already, you should be able to add up any new devices you want to add.

say your customer has 5000w UPS. (whether or not you have 5000w draw)

now, say you add two switchs and a server. each switch has 2400w requirements and the server has 600w requirement for a total of 5400w requirement.

if you do not know how much power is available in your current UPS scheme, you could purchase a 6000w UPS to be sure your new hardware is covered.

i would recommend verifying exactly how much power is currently used; how much is currently supplied and how much you intend to add.

every piece of hardware now-a-days should have power requirements in the specifications or data sheet. (especially for cisco hardware; for cisco hardware goto and use the search bar. ie: 3560 data sheet) data sheets are available for most if not all cisco hardware and they define power requirements for that piece of hardware.

simply gather all these numbers, add them up and determine the total current power draw. subtract this from the total current supply and you'll know how much power you have available. now you can add up the new hardware requirements and see if your available power can handle the additional load.

again, no single document can supply you with the entire overall power requirements for an IP telephony environment.


Re: UPS for telephony

I am in agreement with Greg. There is no definitive guide that I know of. APC has a template that you can use online if you add all the power required for the hardware in use, remembering to add inline power items.

Choose your country and configure by device or by load:

Again, this is not a recommendation, only a guide for approximation.


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