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UPS software on AVVID systems

We recently installed new AVVID systems (2-Call Mangers, ICD, and Unity) and now we wish to install UPS monitoring software on these systems, just as we have on our other systems in the computer room. As part of this installation, we have to install JAVA 2 SDK 1.2.2. I asked this question on the Unity forum and was told "UPS software has not been tested by Cisco for Unity so the effects are not known". Does any know if the installation of the UPS software as well as the installation of the JAVA software will affect any software already running on these systems?

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Re: UPS software on AVVID systems


Cisco gave us the same runaround. We've had some issues in the past with getting 100% reliability with the UPS software agent on a server.

Depending on what UPS units you use, you could get a network management card.

We use APC's UPS products that have Smart Slots, we then use a network management card in the APC unit that sends snmp traps to our NMS system. We recieve alerts when the UPS loses power and switches to battery backup, the alerts tell us how much battery power is left.

The management card can also give us some environmental information as well; tempertature, humidity, power load, alert on power spikes, etc.

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Re: UPS software on AVVID systems

We have a Symmetra UPS which uses a WEB/SNMP Management card which all systems communicate with. The software is PowerChute Network Shutdown (from APC) and it requires JAVA to be installed. All of our other systems work fine with the software/hardware.

Have you had any problems with your setup?

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