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Urgent Assistance required (Interesting scenario)


i have a CME system running on a 2811 series router. physical configuration is basic, we have 27 7912 ip phones, and 2 operator consoles 2 7960 with sp14 modules. there are 2 T1 CAS on the the router. version IOS at present 12.3(14.T7).

issue: there are two main issues i am having at present. the first is that i have a hunt group configured with about ten extension numbers for the operator. this relates to a PLAR connection i have on my voice port. therefore, all calls are directed to both operator in a sequential manner. this is working fine, with one call coming in. if there is more than one call, both calls go through the sequence of numbers, but then seems to go out-of time, meaning, i will see one phone ringing, butthe line engaged is really on the other phone. the hunting will go through until the end as specified and the call will drop, BUT, the phone(s) will continue to ring. if you view the phone, it looks normal, but the ring tone will continue. i can also call the phone and get through, whilst the phone is still rining. i have to continuously reset the phones. NOTE: if the operator answers the call after the first few hunts, everything is fine.

SECOND: i have reports that when customers call into the system via the pstn, they can overhear conversations within the organisation. i have noticed that when there are more than one call on the T1 you do hear something on the line, lke a barge. basically, its exactly like if a supervisor monitors a call in IPCC.

i have no clue as to what might be causing these issues. i have upgraded to 12.4 which seems to cause more issues, therefore reverted to 12.3.

Any assistance whatsoever will be greatly appreciated.


Re: Urgent Assistance required (Interesting scenario)


IOS bug, upgraded to 12.4(3e)

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