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Urgent!! please help in UM FAX integration

Hi all,<br><br>I have a China customer and wants to deploy IP telephony with UM system including FAX server.<br><br>Since China has NO DDI feature, I design the following, please comment:<br><br>For analog connection:<br>PSTN --- E1 (router3640_GW) FXS ---- (Fax borad) FAX server<br><br>For data connection:<br><br>Router3640_GW --- Call Manager --- Unity3.1 --- Exchange2000 --- FAX server<br><br>All are connected in same segment.<br><br>In my design, I confirm China has no DDI, so the E1 line is a hunting line, serving both voice & fax. If sender want to send a FAX to particular user, I will use Cisco router3640 as an IVR agent and ask the sender to key in the dtmf digits. Let's say Fax is "3XX" and voice is "4xx". If sender key 3XX, it will forward to FXS ports which are connected FAX borads. My questions are:<br><br>1. Does my design works??<br>2. How the FAX server knows who should receive the FAX because there is no DID command in FXS ports?<br>3. Any standard design on NO DDI feature on Fax solution?<br><br>Many thanks!!!!<br><br>


Re: Urgent!! please help in UM FAX integration

The folks that monitor this forum specialize in Unity. I suggest that you post this question on one of the other Cisco forums since FAX doesn't really have anything to do with Unity until it gets to Exchange.


Keith Chambers
Unity Technical Lead
Unified Voice Team, San Jose
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