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URL IDLE 7960 never works

I have CM3.3

I created a CIP from a small GIF, using the Gif2Cip tool, and pointed a 7960's URL IDLE to that .asp file. This CIP file/URL is on a different server (IIS) than the Call Manager.

Depending on if I point it to one of two URL's , the 7960 either resets, or simply displays the entire contents of the file as follows.

Has anyone seen this, problem, or knows why my 7960 doesn't display an image?


<Title>CISCO CIP FILE</Title>

<Prompt>Temporary prompt</Prompt>






<Data>Lengthy hex code not shown for bevity</Data>



Re: URL IDLE 7960 never works

When the phone displays the xml as text, that is because the page is missing the header that specifies the content type.

Try adding these 4 lines to the top of your asp file:

<%@ Language=JavaScript %>


Response.ContentType = "text/xml";


This will instruct the phone to interpret the file as xml rather than plain/text.

If you add the lines suggested above, the phone should no longer display the xml tags as text, and should display the image. If the phone display just goes blank, try pressing the update softkey.. if that makes it display, then you are affected by bug CSCuk39530. There are workaround in the forum here, but can repost them here if you need them.

Since you are running CallManager 3.3, you may want to refer to this release notes document which covers a bug that affects the display of idle app and push apps. You can read the writeup for this bug (CSCuk39530) using the Cisco Bug Toolkit (you have to be logged in to your CCO account).

What are the two urls that you were using? Which one was causing the phone to reset?

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Re: URL IDLE 7960 never works

Working now. Also had to add the 'refresh' line shown below.

Thanks for your help.

<%@ Language=JavaScript %>


Response.ContentType = "text/xml";









your tile here

your text here


Re: URL IDLE 7960 never works

Thats great!

One thing that you may want to consider is to use two asp pages for your idle url rather than the one, since the refresh url will cause the page to be constantly refreshed. In addition, you may want to change the refresh time to 1 second, so that the refresh happens sooner.

The first page would just contain the refresh header pointing to the next page, ie

<%@ Language=JavaScript %>




Note the change to a 1 second refresh time.

The next page would contain everything as you posted with the exception of the refresh header.

Not sure if that will work (ie if the second page still needs a refresh header, then you're better off with just the one page), but it might be something worth trying.

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