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Usage reports from Call Manager

Running CM 4.1 and want to run some phone usage reports for cost distribution among departments. Are there ANY usage reports built in to CM and are there optional reporting modules available from Cisco or third parties? I'd like to be able to group and subtotal # of calls and also total minutes - both local and long distance.

Thanks, Scott


Re: Usage reports from Call Manager

in CCM you can use the Analysis & Reporting Tool, ART, to view the call detail records. (cdr must be enabled in callManager for the call details to be recorded)

if ART is not installed, it can be from the CCM Admin > Application > Install Plugins option.

once installed, ART is accessed via https://ccmServerIP/art

third party CDR reporting/call accounting tools are much more detailed and allow for greater reporting. ISI makes a tool called InforTel Select (, which is pretty nice. there are many more if you search the web on 'call accouting software'.

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Re: Usage reports from Call Manager

Thank you for the information and sorry for the delay -- apparantly the automatic email notification for my posting...didn't.

I have ART installed but don't have the default login/pw info so will try when I can get in. I'll also take a look at the ISI product.

Thanks again.

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Re: Usage reports from Call Manager

It is admin for both. Here is a TAC case with additional information.


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