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Use External phone Number mask * Calling party Transform Mask @ Route patt

Having an issue with CLID at RP level. Lets say I have two phones. One phone is configured with an External phone number mask of 1112223333 and the other one does not have an external number mask set. When a call is placed to the PSTN, Phone one needs to display its external phone number mask. Phone two since nothing has been added under external phone mask needs to be 1112224444.

I configured the RP to "Use External Phone Number mask" and set the Calling Party Transform mask to 1112224444. I figured that if an external phone number mask was specified under the DN that it will route it to the PSTN and if nothing specified under the DN it will default to 1112224444 according to the setting in the RP.

When I configured this, no matter what I do the calling party transform mask takes priority and the external phone number mask is never used. Is there a way around this? I tried it at the RL level and it does the same thing.

Does anyone have any other ideas other than adding an external phone number mask for every phone.

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Re: Use External phone Number mask * Calling party Transform Mas

That is the expected result. Your best bet would be to either use the main number applied at the route pattern or route group within a route list, or put external phone number mask on all phones. You can use BAT to do this on all phones at the same time using X as wild card where applicable.



Re: Use External phone Number mask * Calling party Transform Mas

Thats what I thought. Why can't they add that as a feature in the next release of CM? It seems like it could be simple to do. Check for External Phone number mask, if nothing is specified, then check for calling party transform mask. If true set Calling Party transform Mask as CLID and route to RL or something like that..


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