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Use FXO ports instead of BRI ports

Newbie to UC500 but experienced IP engineer: My model of UC500 has built-in BRI ports. I have purchased a VWIC2-2FXO card to use for the public switched network instead of the BRI ports. Cisco Configuration Assistant -> Configure -> Telephony -> Voice ->Device initially shows Built In: 4 FXS and Built In: 4 FXO. It then has a think about it and changes to Built In: 4 FXS and Built In: 2 BRI which is fine. However, it is only then that the panel below shows Public Switched Telephone Network and gives me the option of Basic Rate Interface BRI Switch Type. I can change this from the default Basic-NET3 to None but was hoping to see the FXO ports appear in the panel. Any assistance on FXO on VIC to be confogured for Public Switched Telephone Network would be appreciated. I have trawled various manuals but no joy so far.


Re: Use FXO ports instead of BRI ports

to configure FXO

lets say u have fox port 0/0/1

and u want any call comes to this number to dial internal IP phon with number 1234

voice-port 0/0/1

connection plar-opx 1234

if u wanna forward this number to internal callmanger if u have internal callmanger u need voip dial peer like

dial-perr voice 91 voip

destination-pattren 1234

session target ipv4:[ccm ip]

UC500 like CME phones connect directly to it then no need for voip dial-peer

but u need dial peer as the followinf one

now if u wanna route calls to outside u can make the following dia-peer

dial-peer voice 9 pots

destination-pattren 9.T

port 0/0/1

the above dialpeer expect the user dial 9 folloowed by the pstn number the this dial peer will strip out the 9 and forward the rest of the dialed number

good luck

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Re: Use FXO ports instead of BRI ports

I just found out since we have ISDN/BRI, we need to upgrade our license to support the FXO card. So now we looking into setting up a SIP trunk and we are using to test, but having trouble with that as well.

Re: Use FXO ports instead of BRI ports

the following link will help u regarding sip trunk

good luck

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