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Use of NAT IP address with CUCM and UCCE

Hi Community,

I am about to upgrade my existing setup (CUCM 8.0 and UCCE 8.0) to CUCM 9.0 and UCCE 9.0 on UCS servers.  However due to several constraints i have decided to build new setup on UCS and then migrate existing setup to new one.  For this scenario, i am going to use new IP address range for the new setup.  So i have to change IP addresses at lot of places (mainly worried about end points, phones and CTI toolkit usage).  To overcome this, i am planning to NAT the new IP addresses with old one.  So after migration, end points will send their request normally to old IP address which will be changed to new IP address range and vise versa.

i am looking for some advice whether such setup is feasible and recomended by Cisco and whether Cisco will support such setup.  Please also help me with Pros and Cons if anyone has used such setup earlier.

i am also open to any other feasible solution to overcome the IP address changes.  Please advice.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Piyush,For CUCM if you are

Hi Piyush,

For CUCM if you are using a different IP for the UCS cluster compared to the original cluster then you will not be able to restore the DRS backup and will lose the configuration. DRS backup can be restored on a new cluster only if you use the same IP / hostname / DNS / security password details.

Additionally, i am curious why you are migrating to version 9.0 when version 10.5 is already out. There is a wonderful tool called Prime Collaboration deployment which you can use to migrate your existing MCS cluster to UCS with minimum outage. It allows you to build your UCS cluster while the MCS cluster is still functional. Please check the following link for details




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