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User no longer associated with a subscriber

I have an odd problem. I used to have two voicemail accounts for certain users. Kinda long to explain why, so I'll just keep it brief. <br><br>My 73XX VM account was associated with my main exchange mailbox. We created a second exchange mailbox to associate with my 76XX line that is set to forward all messages to the main mailbox.<br><br>Now with "alternate extensions" working properly (and not needing to go through the auto attendent to work), I was able to delete the secondary exchange account and unity account and just associate the 76XX line as an alternate extension on the 73XX line. So that's what I did.<br><br>VM is working fine. But for some reason, certain (few, not all) users are getting an error when trying to have the Viewmail software ring their phone to playback their messages. The error reads "The account used to logon to windows is not associated with a subscriber. To use the telephone you must be logged onto the account associated with your subscriber account". Remember that the two mailboxes were associated with one NT user, but it seems like when I deleted the secondary account, Unity "forgot" about the other account.<br><br>The simple fix is to just delete the Unity account and reassign it to the primary exchange mailbox, but this requires people to resetup their account's greeting etc.<br><br>I also encountered this with my account when I deleted my secondary mailbox. I had to change my COS to default subscriber, then back to default administrator to gain administrator access.<br><br>It just seems like Unity doesn't handle the deletion of 1 of 2 accounts that are linked to the same user very well. Do you know anything about this?<br><br>So I guess the question is... is there a way to get the "association" back in sync without deleting and recreating the VM accounts?<br><br>


Re: User no longer associated with a subscriber

hmmm... interesting. Did you remove the exchange accounts entirely or did you just clean them of subscriber info? The VMO client media master control (or more to the point the media master server on the Unity box) may not be as smart about checking multiple matches being returned from Exchange when it passes a token in and asks if there are any mail users that match. If you happened to have just remove the subscriber properties from the mail users that served as your secondary lines it could be random which order these are found and reported... I'd have to check but it may just be taking the first one passed back by Exchange. If that was the one without subscriber data, you'll get that message... if you happened to get the primary mailbox with subscriber data on it, then everything would be fine.

this would explain the randomness of it anyway... if that's not the case, let me know and I'll think harder.

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Re: User no longer associated with a subscriber

I deleted the Unity VM account first for 76XX.
Then added 76XX as an alternate extension for 73XX.
Then I deleted the Exchange mailbox that used to be for 76XX.

That's the order... that's all that was done.

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