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New Member

user not being deleted from Unity

Here is the situation:

Unity 3.1.3 and Exchange 5.5

A user was accidently added to Exchange with a space between his first . last name for the alias, by someone else. I then imported the user from Exchange into Unity and noticed the problem. The other admin deleted that user from Exchange and now i am unable to delete him from Unity. This person needs to be deleted because it is causing others to not receive their voicemail. I have completed the work around but i still need to delete that user from Unity.

New Member

Re: user not being deleted from Unity

Just crack open the Subscriber table in the UnityDB database in SQL and delete the user directly from there. There should be some triggers that cause the rest of his stuff to get cleaned up as well. Just be careful you don't delete the wrong subscriber! Check the alias column to make sure you're getting the right one.


Cisco Employee

Re: user not being deleted from Unity

for the record, after about 15 minutes the directory monitors should notice the guy is gone int he directory and delete the user automatically from the subscribers table for you. There were still a few holes in this in 3.1(3) but I've tried this multiple times on 55 and 2K systems and it does clean up after itself on the fly when you delete a user in the directory without first removing them as a subscriber.

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