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User/Subsriber administration examples?

Hello, I was wondering what methods you are all using to maintain your subscriber database and performing MACs (moves, adds, changes).<br><br>In order to minimize human error, speed up the change process involved in changing several fields for a single user in the event of a MAC, we put all user data in large csv files. This way, we can spend how ever long we need to ensure the changes to the csv files are correct, then all we have to do is upload the changes to the proper databases.<br><br>With Active Directory, we have a similar method using LDIFDE and/or ADSI Edit to perform the changes.<br><br>The bulk edit tool can't be used in cases dealing with DTMF IDs, because they are all different for each user!<br><br>How do you all do it? Is there a tool out there? Administration becomes a nightmare when you think about having to change Active Directory, Unity, Call Manager, and whatever else (in our case, a custom corporate directory).<br><br>Thanks!<br>Loong<br><br>

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Re: User/Subsriber administration examples?

The only bulk tool available for updates on the Unity data is the bulk edit tool. We have heard about the need to create a new bulk admin tool from the field.
It would be a great help if you can feed your requirements into the Cisco sales team. They can collect what you need and put it in for a feature enhancement request for Unity. This will help us design the new tool when we are ready to get that into the software.

Anil Verma
Cisco Systems

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