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users can't login to unity

I just upgraded ccm to 3.2.1. Unity remained at 3.0.3. I upgraded the tsp to 6.0.1.<br><br>All functionality remained the same except users can't login to Unity to check their mail. The symptom when they either press the messages button or * out of the main greeting and enter their ID from an ip phone or pstn phone is this: silence for about 6 seconds, then Unity hangs up. Call viewer says everything is coming through correctly. The direct routing rules did not change during the upgrade. Nothing changes if I add a direct routing rule that expressly sends someone dialing from their extension to unity to 'attempt-sign-in. On ip phones the phone Tx count is rising, but (obviously?) the Rx count remains zero.<br><br>


Re: users can't login to unity

Sounds a lot like CSCdv88847. You won't find this in CCO bug walker, and I am not sure why. To verify if it is reall CSCdv88847, check the event log for some MIU errors about WavSetVolume or WavSupportsVolume.

The workaround is to change the volume level for subscribers on the SA conversation page to "medium". Also make sure that all MM and VMO volume levels on playback controls are set to the middle, it's 5 I believe.

This defect is fixed in 3.0.4 and should be in all 3.1.x versions.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems

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