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Users issues

I changed my Unity server for a better machine. Before instalation I had 16 subscribers as a beta test in the old server. I didn't have problem with the instalation but I have problem with this subscribers. I don't know why I have this subcribers with out call handler associated, if I check in the exchange in Unity folder I didn't see a ch_<sub name> so I tried to erase de subscriber but Unity have problem, I recieve the following message : "Unable to load the call handler associated with the subcriber <sub name>. This subcriber's data in incompatible and the subscriber is therefore invalid". How can I deleted this subcriber or how can associated a new call handler?<br><br><br>


Re: Users issues

How did you “retire” the old Unity server? Did you just remove it and then install a new Unity server into the same Exchange site? Or did you migrate to another box using a tape backup/restore mechanism?

It sounds like the mail users were left tagged as Unity subscribers but the call handlers were left behind.

When we “tag” an Exchange user as a Unity subscriber we add some data to their mail user record (i.e. in the hidden custom attributes fields 12/13/14 and in some of the VoiceMailxxx fields that you don’t see on the Exchange interface). These indicate to Unity that those users are folks we’re interested in or that they are “owned” by another Unity server in the same Exchange site. If you didn’t properly uninstall (using the Uninstall utility off my web site or DOHPropKiller that ships with Unity or by deleting all 16 subscribers from Unity first) those properties are still on your Exchange users floating around your site. The new Unity installation wont allow you to import them since it thinks they’re owned by another Unity server.

Perhaps when you waxed the other Unity box, that took out the “Unity” folder from the site which is where the call handlers associated with these subscriber’s are stored. I’m just speculating since I’m not sure what procedure you undertook to do the migration.

Regardless, the only way to get your subscribers imported back into Unity is to open Exchange in raw mode and go remove the “voice mail user ID” property from those users. Use the “-r” command line argument for the Exchange administrator application, view raw properties on the user, and go look at the Voice Mail User ID. If it has “1” in there, that means we think it’s a subscriber. If you set this to 0 or remove it, you should be able to then import that mail user as a subscriber again and we’ll create their call handler etc… after you set it to 0, Unity may have to resync with Exchange which can take up to 10 minutes or you can force a resync by restarting Unity if you’re in a hurry.

If that value is not set to 1, then you have a different issue at play and we’ll have to take a closer look.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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