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Users not listed in auto-attendant

For reasons I cannot understand, three users are not listed in the auto-attendant. When, for any reason, you attempt to dial them by name instead of extension, Unity says it can't find a matching name.

I have gone over all the raw properties in the 5.5 GAL and compared them with users who work normally. I can only find one discrepancy:

On custom attribute 14, if you look at my account, you get the following string: "0;$;1;$;0;$;1;$;0;$;1;$;0;$;0;$;0;$;0;$;1;$;0;$;1;$;1;$;1;$;0;$;0;$;1;$;20021117174047Z;$;;$;;$;;$;;$;1033;$;;$;;$;0;$;;$;;$;0;$;0;$;1;$;0;$;0;$;20021107151001Z;$;;$;;$;0;$;;$;;$;;$;;$;;$;;$;;$;"

If you look at custom attribute 14 on one of the users who isn't functioning properly, you see this: "0;$;1;$;0;$;1;$;0;$;1;$;0;$;0;$;0;$;0;$;1;$;0;$;1;$;1;$;1;$;0;$;0;$;1;$;20021120165141Z;$;;$;;$;;$;;$;1033;$;;$;;$;0;$;;$;;$;0;$;0;$;1;$;0;$;0;$;20021018193331Z;$;;$;;$;0;$;;$;;$;;$;;$;;$;;$;23594953;$;"

Note the "23594953;$;" at the end. That's on all the malfunctioning users. I tried removing it, and it didn't get the subscriber to function correctly, but it's the only discrepancy I can find.

Help! Thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: Users not listed in auto-attendant

First, messing around in the raw properties is an extremely bad idea - why in the world would you just go in and start whacking stuff off the end of strings when you don't even know what they mean or what's stored there? This seriously freaks me out... I would never do that, not even on Unity.

Second, the most common mistake here is for folks to either not have the "list in directory" flag turned on or (more commonly) those users do not have a recorded voice name - both are required before Unity will find the user by name in the directory handler.

Third, presumably you can address these folks as subscriber to subscriber using spelled names, right? The difference here is a recorded voice name is not required and the "list in directory" flag does not apply for subscribers addressing other subscribers.

I'm betting it's something along those lines - it's almost certainly not some mysterious low level property corruption problem that would require you to go in and kick around the custom attributes like that... please don't be doing that - you will very likely damage your system with such practices.

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