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Using 0 for Operator

If you are in Active Voice, and would like to be sent to the Operator, if you dial "0", you do not get there...where is this activated? Just need a little direction...<br>Thanks<br><br><br>Summer


Re: Using 0 for Operator

All call handlers and subscribers by default have their "0" key mapped to go to the "Operator" call handler which should be setup to dial the operator console. By default this is "0" but, of course, not all phone systems use 0 to mean the operator console so you'll have to change this.

If you've changed your template such that 0 doesn't go to "attempt transfer to- Operator" you'll need to configure each handler (i.e. your opening greeting) to do this if that's what you want. Go to the "User Input" page for the subscribers or call handlers you want to have operator access to.

some sites like to "lock down" the keys such that users can't get out of their audio text applications so they would change the template to not route calls anywhere on user input by mapping them to ignore and locking them (this will cause us to not even interrupt the greeting when the user hits a key). That's kind of evil from a user experience, but we allow it.

I'm guessing you either don't have the operator call handler configured to transfer to your operator console properly or the handlers/users in the system don't have their "0". If you've created a bunch of users/handlers that don't have the 0 key mapped, you can use the BulkEdit utility at the link below to change everyone in the system quickly.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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