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Using a paging system for Ring out in a zone

Does anyone know if there is a way to associate a phone/DN to a paging system that will play a ring tone in a certain zone when that phone/DN rings? I know they can get a regular analog ringer and connect that to an analog port that has a shared line with said phone. Paging system vendor says this is possible thru a contact relay on the paging system, but I haven't heard of doing this thru any AVVID-related equipment.

Anyone done this/heard of doing this? If so, how?




Re: Using a paging system for Ring out in a zone

You're pretty much on the right track. You need a SCCP-controlled FXS port, which you can supply with an ATA-186 or VG248 or similar, but not with IOS gateways. You need it to be SCCP-controlled in order to operate it as a shared line with an IP phone.

Then you need to generate a ringing tone for your overhead paging system to play. I don't know offhand of any way to turn FXS ring voltage into a simple contact closure, but you can use a device like the Valcom V9924B to attach to the FXS port and generate line-level audio that you can attach to the audio input of your paging amplifier.

Check out Valcom's website for more info. The unit does require a seperate power supply. Valcom has an excellent pre-sales support line if you have questions. There are other vendors (such as Bogen) that have equivalent solutions, but my personal experience with them is limited.

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