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Using ATA188 with standard modem/PDQ Machine

Could anyone please tell me if a Cisco ATA188 (analogue to digital converter) will work with a standard modem, such as a 56K modem or a PDQ machine (credit card swipe machine, which dials in to Barclays Banking system within the UK)?

I have tried to get a modem working, but cannot maintain a connection, even by reducing the data speed to 2400.

The PDQ machines run at either 300 or 2400 data speeds, but even at these low speeds, we cannot get it to work with an ATA188.

If there is a definitive answer of 'NO', then that is fine, but we cannot find any reference to modems in the ATA188 documentation, either online or in the documentation supplied with the unit.

Thanks for any help,

Dominic Wilkinson


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Re: Using ATA188 with standard modem/PDQ Machine

I have had troubles getting a fax to work well with the ata device, but do have a credit card machine working off it it just fine.

Re: Using ATA188 with standard modem/PDQ Machine

Modem transmission is not supported in ATAs by Cisco, only faxes.

Q.Does the ATA 186 support modem pass-through/relay?

A. No, the ATA 186 does not support modem pass-through/relay.

Nevertheless in some situations I was able to use the ATAs forcing the modem to use V.34 and max speed 33.600

Also is easier if you disable VAD and force G.711 in your gateway for modem calls

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Re: Using ATA188 with standard modem/PDQ Machine

The company I work for took over another that used ATA 186's. We had mostly VG248s. Since putting them into our VOIP system, they (ATAs) haven't been able to use dial-up consistently. Someone mentioned that there is something like a "payload" setting that allowed them to use dial-up. Do you have any inoformation on this or ideas on where to look? Some people who used the ATA's for dial-up did obtain speeds over 44kbps.

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Re: Using ATA188 with standard modem/PDQ Machine

not sure if you've tried this or not or even if will work in the UK. it does work for slow speed transmit only modems for me. i didn't program it. just a copy

fax line config

VG248 Software version 1.2(1)

DSP Firmware 3.6(20x)

Here are the setting

Port Specific:

Fax Relay Enabled

Fax Relay ECM Disabled

Fax Relay NSF Overide with 000000

Passthrough mode : Default:Automatic

Advanced General Setting:

Fax Relay Payload Size: Default 20

Fax Relay Max Speed Default 14400bps

Fax Relay Playout Delay Default 300

Re: Using ATA188 with standard modem/PDQ Machine

Once we got the right IOS on our 3660 gateway, we can get dialup connections in the mid-40k.

As for the ATA's: Over time, the firmware has improved enough that I've been able to get 2400 faxes to work, but that's it. I understand this is a hardware issue with the 1st generation ATAs and that a second version was released about a year ago which fixes this. Still, this depends on what image, call manager or h323 or sip, and your gateway.


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