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using bulk edit to change call transfers

I have Unity 4.03 with bulk edit 4.1 build 38.

I have a situation were I would like to change an option in call transfer. The option is "Transfer incoming calls to subscribers phones". Default is "no (send directly to subscribers greeting)". I would like to change all my users to "yes (ring subscriber at this number), but cannot find this option in the transfer tab under subscribers in the bulk edit tool. Is there a way to change this option in the bulk edit tool that I am not seeing or will I have to go to each subscriber and change them ony by one?


Clint Yonamine

Cisco Employee

Re: using bulk edit to change call transfers

Yes - on the Transfer tab for editing subscribes you can set the "enable transfer" to true - select the transfer type (release or supervised) and then select an option in the "Edit Transfer number" - you can stick in the user's primary extension number and add/remove digits from it if you like.

this will do what you want - if you select the user's extension there it'll show "yes, ring subscribers extension" - if you chose to add/remove digits from the extension it'll show the resulting string and select "Yes, ring subscriber at this number".

There's no way in Bulk Edit to force it to put the same transfer string into the transfer field for multiple users if that's what you're trying to do... if you need to do that for some reason we can help you with an SQL query to do it directly if you like.

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