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Using VOIP

problem with intercom system, we use a intercom system here at work and what happens is that when someone is talking the signal becomes distorted and it seems to lag and then pick up then lag again, this happens on the intercom system and also with one of the werehouse guys phones it does this too, his phone is on a client adapter!! any ideas

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Re: Using VOIP

How is the intercom integrated? Are you using E&M mods? If so, check the pairs and make sure the pinouts are correct and none of the wires are coming loose. Also check the connection with a multimeter for continuity on the pairs. This is more likely what is sounds like.

Try this link:

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Re: Using VOIP

What are E&M mods? like i said in the origianl message it happens on the intercom system anywhere in the building and also on our wherehouse guys phone that is a wireless phone, his phone is hooked up to a client adapter would that have anythign to do with it?

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