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V-mail over the Phone

Hello-<br>Every time a user try to play a message over the phone, he/she most of the time gets back an error message in outlook that says:<br><br>Unknown Problems are preventing the completion of the Call.<br><br>Rebooting the phone used to fix the problem but not any more. The view mail server and extension are setup.<br><br>Any Idea? Thanks...<br><br>


Re: V-mail over the Phone

That message indicates the client was able to contact the Unity server propertly and the dialout attempt was made... this eliminates a bunch of possible problems and narrows it down to some sort of error when we try to go "off hook" and dial the phone itself.

If the line were busy or was RNA you'd get a message to that effect so I'm assuming either one or more ports on the Unity side are out of service (i.e. one of the ports designated for TRAP dialouts is in a locked up state) or the phone system is giving us an error back when we actually dial the extension in question. Since this worked in the past I kinda doubt it's a search space issue or anything along those lines.

Check the ports on Unity (using Status Montior) and see if they're all responsive. Dialouts are attempted from the highest port number and move forward so if, for instance, the very last port were "burned" that could be causing this problem. A restart of Unity would probably clear it, but certainly report it to TAC. We've had several reports of ports going out of service and clearly we need to figure out what's going on under the covers in these cases.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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