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Valcom V2006A connected to FXO port

Does anyone have an example configuration for connecting a Valcom 2006A multizone paging device to a FXO port? I want to be able to dial 14 and get the paging system. Thanks!

Matthew Pickens

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Re: Valcom V2006A connected to FXO port

Certainly. We just did this.

Here is our config:


voice-port 3/0

input gain 12

dial-peer voice 404 pots

description paging system

destination-pattern 420.

port 3/0


input gain might be too high for you. It is just right for us. Your destination pattern will probably be something like "14.".

As you might know, Valcom 2006A has six zones. You send one digit to the unit to tell it which zone to page. You might want to configure a route pattern on call manager to append a digit to the dialed pattern "14". When the call reaches the gateway it will strip the 14 off and send the remaining digit.

Ask more if you need more explaination.

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