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New Member

VG200 and VIC-2DID

I have not found any information on CCO regarding configuration of VIC-2DID with CallManager. Questions I have...

1) I am assuming I would register as a MGCP gateway and the modules as FXS.

2) Can this card be used to have someone dial a main directory number and get routed to AA...much like on an FXO module that has an attendant DN entry?


Cisco Employee

Re: VG200 and VIC-2DID

If you are going to use the vic-2did with CallManager and vg200 then at this time you will have to run h.323 this vic is not currently supported in MGCP. Secondly this card works much like a pri or cas circuit but is only one channel. I think it actually does some type of e&m. Your telco has to be able to support this type of circuit. Also you will get the DNIS coming down the line so it does not work like fxo with connection plar. If you want it to go to the auto attendant then the auto attendant's DNIS would have to come in from the telco to route to that number.

Please let me know if this makes since or not.

Thank you,


New Member

Re: VG200 and VIC-2DID

Thanks...I figure on the routing of digits...I would to a translation pattern to route my main listed business number to my AA for the folks who do not have the DID numbers...

Also is the VIC-2DID going to be supported via MGCP in the future?

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