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VG200 DSP Farm problem

I have a VG200 with a DSP farm module that I cannot seem to get running. I've got all the necessary SCCP commands in the unit but when I do a "show dspfarm", I see this:

DSPFARM Configuration Information:

Admin State: UP, Oper Status: DOWN - Cause code: DSPWARE_NOT_UP

Transcoding Sessions: 0, Conferencing Sessions: 15

Trans sessions for mixed-mode conf: 0, RTP Timeout: 600

Connection check interval 600, Codec G729 VAD: DISABLED

I did a search for DSPWARE_NOT_UP on CCO and the NPF but could not find anything . I am running 12.1(5)YH4 code. Any ideas on what would cause this?

Cisco Employee

Re: VG200 DSP Farm problem

You may need to do a 'no shut' under the dspfarm interface. If this does not bring it up, please open a TAC case.

Community Member

Re: VG200 DSP Farm problem

I had a similar problem recently. I found that I had provisioned the max number of conference and transcoder sessions beyond the number of possible sessions installed on the DSP farm. I thought there were 2 simms installed in the farm when there was only 1. As soon as I adjusted the max paramaters the "sh dspfarm" output looked normal.

Hope this helps.

Bob Evans

CCIE 7998

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