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VG200 w/PRI-T1 connecting to PBX

I have a VG200 with a T1/PRI module. I have the module connected to a DSU/CSU which is also connected via PRI to a legacy PBX. The dsu/csu is taking/routing 4 channels from the PBX (15-19) and pushing them out the T1 port that the VG200 is attached to. Whether or not this is a valid config or not, I am not sure as I cannot even get the T1 controller on the VG200 to come up.

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Re: VG200 w/PRI-T1 connecting to PBX

Jeff: if I understand the setup you have:

Legacy Pbx-->Pri Line-->CSU/DSU-->VG200(T1/PRI mod)

We have the same setup, except we are not running the csu/dsu box. We have a vg200 housing a NM_HDV 2Port 48 channel= card that connects direct via PRI line to our Ericsson PBX, all 24 channels. The NM-HDV card has a csu/dsu in it, I think. Anyway it works fine. Write me direct if I can help. thanks marc

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