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VG200s going fast busy on FXS ports

Has anyone had any problems with VG200s intermittently going fast busy on FXS ports. We have 3 VG200s in one location that will periodically loose MGCP communication to Call Manager. Debug MGCP events and show MGCP stats shows no communication but we have full end to end IP communication. FXS port then go into fast busy when trying to call one of the extensions. Must turn off/on MGCP on gateway for service to come back. We are currently using a host table entry in Call Manager rather the full DNS name for remote VG200s. Could this be a problem?

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Re: VG200s going fast busy on FXS ports

Actually, the MGCP Domain Name field in CallManager should always be the in the form:

where hostname is the configured hostname on the router, and is the configured ip domain-name on the router, if configured. If there is not one configured, just leave it out. In other words, if you type show ccm on the router, and the MGCP Domain Name is listed first, that is the exact name to use in the CallManager config. There is no DNS involved at all, it's simply part of the MGCP endpoint registration process.

What version of IOS are you using on the VG200s?

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Re: VG200s going fast busy on FXS ports

I recently upgraded to 12.1.5(t9) code from (t7). The reason I upgrade from t7 was to try and fix a problem where if the T1 between the remote VG200s and the central call manager went down, when it came back to VG200s would never re-establish communication back to the CM. Hade to re-start them. T9 seem to fix this problem.

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Re: VG200s going fast busy on FXS ports

I have a similar problem. When this happened to you, was the behavior the same on both FXS ports on the same VIC, or would one port return a fast busy and the other port would ring the end device without problem? I get a fast busy on one port but not on the other port on the same VIC. shut/no shut has no effect on the voice port coming back up. I have upgraded to the latest XM train of the VG200 ios and am now considering the t9 build if my problem is similar to yours...



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