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VG224 Question: Is it worth it?


I have taken ove a VoIP network from another group. The other group chose to install two VG224s (one in each of two locations) to handle faxing. However, we are a fairly small company, and we only have two fax machines.

With maintenance renewals coming up, I'm looking at a three year bill (we buy all of our maintenance out over three years) of about $5,000 for maintenance for these things.

My question is this:

Why wouldn't I just get the telco to come in and take the cables out of the RJ21 interface for the two fax lines and simply run them to the fax machines and forget about the VG224 altogether? I mean to my thinking, it's just another device serving a very minimal purpose and costing money. The other added benefit is that if the system is down, at least I can direct people to the fax machines as a means of getting dial tone, which I can't do now because of the VG224.

Thoughts? Am I missing something here?



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Re: VG224 Question: Is it worth it?

Hi Dave,

Somebody must have been quite the Sales person ;-) My personal opinion is that every setup needs some "Stand-alone" Analog circuits for backup just like you nicely noted, so this would be a good fit. Two Analog Fax lines would probably co$t about $5,000 for 6-7 years (and the VG's will probably be EoL by then so there isn't much upside).

I like your thinking here!

Just my 2 cents,


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Re: VG224 Question: Is it worth it?

Thanks Rob for confirming my suspicion.

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