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VG248/3640 Fax problem

We are having a interesting problem with a couple fax machines. It is a Mita LDC 720 and a Mita LDC 685. When they send or receive faxes from or to other fax machines they can without any problems but when one each try to send to each other they can't make a connection. I tried using the fax nsf 000000 command to force them to use a general com protocol, but this does not seem to fix the problem. While monitoring the VG248 I noticed that when traversing the 3640 and achieving a successful fax the port will use fax relay but when it tries to communicate with the other Mita it will skip to passthrough then back to relay as if it could not decide which to use. Anyone out there see this before? What I find interesting is that all other fax machines on this campus seem to be working fine except this one, maybe this is a bug in the faxes themselves or in the code? Any input would be very much appreciated.



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