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VG248 and Elevator Phones

We have installed some VG248's and seem to be having intermittent problems with the connections to the elevator phones not seeming to work.

Has anyone tried to connect VG248 ports to an Elevator's emergency phone? The elevator is an Otis, if that makes any difference.

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Re: VG248 and Elevator Phones

We have a VG248 and are using it in our Otis elevator. We have not noticed any problems at all. What type problems are you running into?

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Re: VG248 and Elevator Phones

Thanks for the reply. In talking more with my on-site tech, it sounds like we have more of a wiring problem than a VG248 problem. It seems that for some of the elevators, it can work on one floor and then the connection will break as the car moves between floors. Or it could work on the 1st floor, have the elevator move up and then back to the first floor and it will not work.

Further investigation may be that it never really worked all that well with the old PBX either.

Thanks for keeping me honest.

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