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VG248 and WIN Modems or Modems .

Can anyone comment on any experiences with VG248's and WIN Modems. ? ? Or any good / Bad things about the VG248 and modems. If you had to use another product in place of the VG248 because it did not meet your requirements then please let me know what the soloution was.

I am having real issues with a inbound modem pool and the VG248 code 1.2.1

Thanks ..

New Member

Re: VG248 and WIN Modems or Modems .

1) Try to upgrade the code in VG248 to 1.2.2

2) purchase a new modem that connects better and living with the slower speed or

3) install analog lines if you have the option of modem pass-tru code

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Re: VG248 and WIN Modems or Modems .

I was having the same issues. Is the PSTN gateway H323 or MGCP? I have H323 gateways and I had to create a specific dial-peer to handle the RAS pilot number. In that dial-peer I didn't enter any faxing command. I had Fax pass-through and modem pass-through configured on the same dial-peer before. Now I have one dial-peer for the RAS pilot number with only modem pass-through command and a different dial-peer with no modem commands and the fax passthrough commnad.

Good luck.

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