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VG248 SMDI Integration with Octel VM

I am trying to implement SMDI integratio between an Octel VM and the CM through a VG248. The SMDI used to function with MWI and everything through the COM port on the CM, but once we moved the connection to the VG248, it hasn't worked. Anything special need to be done on the SMDI or CM to get this to work?

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Re: VG248 SMDI Integration with Octel VM

I'd log a TAC, Im pretty sure that not many people have used the SMDI facility of the 248 yet.


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Re: VG248 SMDI Integration with Octel VM

Yes. There should be a series of configuration steps that needs to be followed, including adding the MWI port of the VG248 you're using. Try also verifying the number of digits the Octel VM is expecting and set the same digit length in the VG248.

This link might help you out.

Good luck!!


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Re: VG248 SMDI Integration with Octel VM

We also experienced a similar situation and determined the problem to be the handling of the stream between the AUX interfaces of our devices. In our situation we attempted to utilize the AUX port of a Cisco3660-MB-2FE tied to the COM port of our call manager and a VG200 with the AUX port tied to the Octel VM. As you already know this does not work. The reason is that the 3660 to VG200 streams are trying to terminate to different locations on the devices. Remember how on different platforms a reverse telnet to the AUX port requires a different TCP port address? The same rule applies here the originating and terminating devices must have their AUX ports on the same TCP port number on both ends. Our solution was to utilize another VG200 AUX port near the originating Call Manager.

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