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VGA port on cisco profile 65 system

 I have query regarding cisco profile 65 equipment.

In the system there is a  VGA and to HDMI ports below the screen.

What is the functionalilty of these ports.

Attached is photo of the equiplemnt showing the VGA and hdmi ports.

Can the user connect his laptop to either these hdmi or VGA ports for using the profile 65 screen and his monitor

VIP Purple

I appears you have a Profile

I appears you have a Profile 65 dual screen system, as the image is the bottom of the presentation monitor.  Looking at the installation guide, on pg 4 step 9, you only connect the power and HDMI 1 input to those set of inputs/outputs, no other connectors are used.  On pg 2 step 11, it looks like there is a PC cable connected to the back of the main monitor that you use to connect a laptop to, though it doesn't show specifically where on the Profile 65 that cable is connected at.

The extra inputs might not work if you try to use them, as the system might not be configured to display those inputs on the screen, since it uses HDMI1.

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