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VIC-2DID and outbound calling

Does anyone know if the limitation against outbound calling on the VIC-2DID is a fundamental trait of analog DID lines - or if this is just Cisco hardware limitations? Any reason to suspect this unit or a successor will provide DID and dialton in the future if it is possible on analog DID?

My reason is we have a site branch with 4 analog lines and DID is desired - but there is not a budget for 8 lines just so we can have 4 incoming calls active and still allow 4 people to dialout when there are no incoming calls - any hope on the horizon? :-)

- Ken

Cisco Employee

Re: VIC-2DID and outbound calling

But I repeat myself :-)

Have seen the question asked before, but I don't know the answer. :-)

I don't know whether or not it's a limitation of that particular VIC or not, but I have been led to believe that it's a special kind of trunk line designed to support more than a single telephone number. According to this page:

it's called a "Direct inward dial trunk" (see the section called Specifications about halfway down the page)

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